Wednesday, July 29, 2009

fossil rim wildlife center

the fossil rim wildlife center - just south of glen rose - is amazing. it is a 1700 acre wild animal conservation park. simon had the opportunity to sit in the passenger seat to get the best view; he ended up gazing longingly at... himself.

we were attacked by an ostrich through the sunroof - eric's aunt barbara couldn't stop laughing (and screaming for the sunroof to be shut).

barbary pirates also tried to attack us, I mean barbary sheep.

a young blackbuck was not interested in us at all.

the emu was a little mangy and kind of gave me the creeps.

we really don't remember what kind of deer we captured with our camera, but included them anyway.

scimitar-horned oryx, enough said.

ma and pa zebra try to protect baby from our menacing yukon.

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